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MP3-Boss: MP3 Database and Manager

Fantastic new program that lets you automatically download streamed audio and video!  Great for use with MP3-Boss!
v0.683 - Full Release 05/16/10
Fixed a minor problem with scanning a file that included full date in the filename (but didn't include Track Number). The date was interpreted as Track Number ... and was too long ("field too small" error).
Added code to verify that track number found in filename was <999.

Latest Beta Information

Full install: MP3BOSS.ZIP or MP3.EXE

Update install: MP3UPDATE.ZIP or MP3UPDATE.EXE

MP3-Boss includes MusicIP scanning to get song information from your songs that don't already include embedded tags -- here's a world map showing some of the regions of the world that are using MP3-Boss right now to scan songs! MP3-Boss is very intelligent about song scanning -- it caches all of the song information for songs on your drive so you should only need to do a MusicIP scan once, even if you decide not to update the song tags!

MP3-Boss scanning includes direct linking to MusicIP -- this maps some of the regions of the world using MP3-Boss right now!

v0.682 - beta release 05/08/10
Fixed PARScan -- using new ShellBrowser ActiveX deactivated the file selection areas. Improved handling of filenames with characters not supported by Windows.
UnZip would crash if the file was longer than 2GB. Perform a filesize before attempt to unzip (and log the file if >2GB).
Improved error detection & logging -- detects if MP3-Boss has found an uncorrectable error and allows exit after logging file. If such errors are seen, please send me your log (and the file that caused the problem).

v0.681 - Full Release 03/07/10
First official release with CDG Karaoke and ZIP support!
Adds additional Errcount around CopyDown.

v0.680 - beta release 02/01/10
Fixes CopyDown problem (updated database). New revision of shellbrowser component (7.04). Fixed filescan count.

v0.678 - beta release 01/24/10
Eliminated shortcuts with update installation. Fixed problem with CopyDown.

v0.677 - beta release 01/16/10
Updated database version to 1.12. Fixed showing thumbnails in List View (and truncated text). Fixed CopyDown. Added additional error checking (to monitor Datalink.mdb). Improved ability to determine artist, title and tracknumber from filename information. Updated copyright to 2010.

v0.676 - beta release 12/26/09
Added some additional error checking, updated tables & fieldlengths (for update version). Updated installer to check for starta~1.exe (instead of startaccess_97.exe).

v0.675 - beta release 12/13/09
CDG/ZIP scanning support. Improved artistname verification. Improved error logging for Utilties. Fixed a refresh drive mapping problem. Faster network scan (improved MD5). Added ability to specify Winamp startup directory (new versions of Winamp otherwise might not auto-start correctly with VISTA). Added short filename check during installation. Improved update check.

v0.672 - Released 03/07/09
Improved mousewheel response. Improved error logging for Winamp path problem.

v0.671 - Released 03/02/09
Some files were not correctly scanned (Length=0) if short filenames disabled under NTFS. Fixed a 'field too small' error when scanning (WXXX ID3v2 tag). Minor improvements to installation and scanning routines.

v0.670 - Released 02/02/09
Auto-update wasn't auto-updating. Help-About would give an error dialog if short filename support was disabled. Several PAR2 scan errors fixed. Improved messages during (scanning and startup). Updated copyright to 2009. Adding to playlist after doing a Delete/Selected wasn't working. No longer ID3v2 tag MP4, M4A, M4P files (and can auto-fix corrupted iTunes created m4a files). Added Mouse Scrolling support to List View. Improvements to error logging. Better handling of files with invalid low-order ASCII characters when scanning. Added button to enable short filename support.

v0.669 - Full Release 11/16/08
Best Usenet cleanup tool available!
PAR Cleanup now performs a final sweep to detect identical files in the source directory (with 4 delete options - Never, Exact, Similar and Aggressive)

Sweeps against the destination directory to see if duplicates have already been moved.

PAR2 checking MUCH faster if there are a lot of files in a PAR2 set or if a very large PAR2 (e.g., >10MB) is scanned.

Adds first-pass SFV support.

A later revision will add auto-move of incomplete files as long as a required percentage of the files (e.g., 70%) are valid...with the partials (and PARx recovery volumes) moved to MoveToDir\ValidDir\Incomplete\ subdirectory. I will also add glitch-checking on the files remaining in the MoveFrom directory ... and move the files that are 'good' to appropriate output directories.

Bug fixes:
PAR2 cleanup fixes a bug that meant that files that started with numbers (e.g., 01.par2) weren't checked.

Fixes multiple file delete error -- Delete ALL Highlighted, Delete single, Delete all Selected (checkbox) now all active.

List View movement now works correctly for all situations (beginning of list, end of list, middle of list) and delete types.

Invalid OGG file scan error (#61706) fixed. OGG will be place in table, but only the filepath information is available (hopefully this can be fixed later). In addition, a new error (which includes short filename) is logged whenever an invalid audio file is scanned.

CopyDown improvement -- better control of "Overwrite Destination File" dialog. Now allows 'auto-overwrite smaller file' so you don't have to keep clicking to overwrite.

Fixed "You made an illegal function call" error that sometimes happened during CopyDown files.

Fixed "Background File Copy" dialog remaining on-screen when recordcount=0.

Fixed toolbar update problem - when viewing duplicates filelist and click List View icon on toolbar.

Additional checks during Winamp load to try to fix that problem of Winamp timeout on first load.

Fixes mailing label comment on Utilities tab (now mccaffjt (at)

New version of Copy/Paste library installed.

v0.668 - beta release 09/14/08
Now with support for Album Art in song directories!
Major new (beta) feature: PAR and PAR2 file cleanup after Usenet downloads.
Much like PAR Buddy (or PAR & RAR), but supports PAR/PAR2 files (even if misnamed), Unicode filenames, and auto-moving the recovered files into a new location with Artist/Album directory structure (or Unknown/UnknownZZ, where ZZ auto-increments, if the Artist/Album can't be determined).
Does a better job of Usenet song file cleanup than anything out there. Because it uses Access tables to store all of the MD5 information, it can locate exact duplicates very quickly even if there are tens-of-thousands of files to cleanup. RAR support will be added later. Requires QuickPAR for automatic recovery of corrupted files.

More PAR/PAR2 support features
  • Automatically moves all of the files listed in the PAR/PAR2 into the new directory, along with the PAR/PAR2 file for later validation (while deleting the Name.VOL*.PAR2 files after files have been recovered/verified).
  • Searches any number of specified directories for 'lost' files, and will auto-delete exact duplicates.
Bug fixes: The statusbar was being cleared too quickly when copying/moving files -- this resulted in strange blinking. A similar problem might exist when scanning (under investigation).

Changed ID3 tag dialog caption to "Create ID3v1/ID3v2 tags" (it was: Create ID3v1 tag).

Added Rating drop-down to Create ID3v1/ID3v2 tags dialog.

Fixed problem with reading ID3v2 Popularimeter tags (they were being written, but not always read).

If Check for Updates was set to "Never Check" -- was checking for updates every time MP3-Boss was loaded.

Fixed rare problem of List View trying to check/update some controls that had already been closed (error traps in MainList & SubList form_open).

Improved Winamp load timeout code, and added error logging.

Moved the COPY/MOVE buttons (top of List View) further to the right so they don't interfere with the "confirm file rename/delete" text -- when running at higher than 800x600 resolution.

Fixed problem with List View Form_Resize -- wasn't clearing old ToolTip locations when entering new (after resize) locations. This resulted in 'double-tooltips'.

When Moving/Copying files -- would sometimes show the same "could not copy/move the file..." message twice.

v0.667 - beta release 08/10/08
Added additional logging (including new CheckValid counter to help with identification of 'field too short' problem). Added code to better handle NTFS systems that have shortnames turned off. Added additional messages to dialog when moving files (so not only shown on statusbar). Fixed problem with #Error being shown for Total Length (List View). If you still see this problem, simply click on '#Error' and some information will be written to the log file -- email me the log and I'll take a look. Removed Foobar support because of implementation problems.

v0.660-0.665 - internal beta
v0.659 - beta release 07/27/08
Fixed inconsistency with how MP3-Boss behaves when clicking PLAY and either the file or folder didn't exist. Try to auto-reconnect disconnected network drives before reporting an error. This will only work for the default user/no-password for the mapped network drive. Changed some constants in Sublist Form_Resize -- might improve screen resizing for very high resolution screens. Added additional debug code (debugline) to find fieldsize problem.

v0.658 - beta release 07/11/08
Additional testing for ListView images. Added DAO registration at startup to prevent 'Object not found' errors. Added 'Update Tables' entry to MP3-Boss Startup/Programs/MP3Boss menu. Added alternative to sendkeys ('permission denied 70' error) for VISTA. Additional error checking.

v0.657 - beta release 07/09/08
Fixed some problems with the v0.656 beta -- ListView images wouldn't appear on many computers, and Create_Tag dialog was a problem because of a saved sort-order. Added better handling of List View images when resizing form. Added right-click short-cut menu to Create Tag dialog.

v0.656 - beta release 07/06/08
Fixed problem with scanning Media tags that included embedded single-quotes. Added background wallpaper to Playlist dialog. Fixed registration timeout problem. Started working on beginnings of Foobar2000 support (not yet active). I've added an image to the List View page -- it will show the selected mp3 file (clickable/draggable) and any JPG images (double-clickable/drag & droppable) that are in that directory. The image allows drag & drop, double-click brings up the JPG file in the default application, and right-click brings up the Explorer shell view for the selected filetype (song or JPG). Clicking on the song box brings up a message box that includes some of the details from List View. I've made it work at 800x600 by squeezing it in the space to the left of the Winamp controls. Otherwise it is to the right of the Winamp Controls.
This early beta is to give you a chance to tell me what additional features you need. For instance, instead of just JPG ... why not all image formats? How about any/all embedded pictures (although then it isn't clear that it should be clickable/selectable). How about auto-update the list when a new song starts playing? Let me know what you think...

v0.655 - Full Release 05/17/08
Improved 'no data to report' error trapping in Reports. Fixed update check dialog. Additional error checking when setting mp3 player location, added 'disable mp3 player' checkbox, and added new header in List View to show when mp3 player isn't loaded/attached. Updated to v2.0.12 installer.

v0.654 - beta release 05/11/08
Added new Artist/Album/Track report. Modified Artist/Album report to remove the requirement that the complete Artist listing be kept grouped on a page. Fixed problem with selection of Auto-update configuration. Fixed minor initialization timeout bug. Additional checks for NULL and missing records in FindDupes routine. Added ability to cancel Move process when a file couldn't be moved (e.g., Read-Only drive).

v0.653 - Beta release 05/04/08
Added the ability to automatically check for updates at startup. Under certain conditions, List View wasn't being redrawn after closing Artist Fixup. Secondary check to make sure a file is skipped if the record can't be written. Status indicator (and hourglass) when deleting volumes (Utilities/Check Volumes). Additional status information during "Processing directories." Additional error checking when loading Initialization dialog and when loading Playlist. Mp3boss.log file will no longer create huge logs because of a repeating error. List View comment created if the ID3v2 comment is under 256 characters long. Added "Filters" to Duplicate checking shortcut menu. Doesn't write empty PUID information to the MusicIP table. Under certain conditions, when scanning multiple CDs/DVDs in a single session, the drive volume wasn't written correctly. New database version (v1.11) -- adds additional PUID fields and cleans up MusicIP table.

v0.652 - Full RELEASE April 03, 2008
If a file or mapped drive wasn't available, the scanning process could loop forever. MP3-Boss Ratings retrieved when written to tag ( Checks for IsMinimized during scanning to prevent "ActiveWindow" error. Adds shortcut menu to Dupes-Checking forms (to allow sorting).

v0.651 - Release March 02, 2008
Fixed Splash1 bug added in v0.650 (incorrectly reading installation date -- which meant the installation wasn't recognized as valid). Minor additional error checking in mainlist.

v0.650 - beta release 03/02/08
Fixed mixup between TCOM and COMM fields. Truncate TCOM (composer) fields longer than 255 characters (and write complete string to log file).

v0.649 - beta release 03/01/08
Automatically skips invalid Genre and writes out the error to the MP3Boss.LOG file. Speedup the "Please wait while main program is loaded" by about 5s (only refresh table links that have changed). Automatically add an ID3v2 record for for filetypes that don't natively support ID3v2 tags (e.g., WMA). No longer get an error message when using Winamp Repair for a playlist that points to a non-existent drive. Fixed CopyDown problem (select pointed to wrong fieldname).

v0.648 - beta release 02/25/08
Automatically update ID3v2 category & content group (and also Genre if matches ID3v1 Genre category) when the user_category is changed.

v0.647 - beta release 02/24/08
Set "modified" flag if MusicIP verified the artist during scan (so 'edited-only' will write the tag, and file won't have to be MusicIP scanned again). Fixed: "Enter Paramter Value: ID3_TMED" when creating tag. Clear MediaRefLink tables when clearing database (I'll try to add the MediaRef information to the detail screen in a subsequent release). Added a more error traps to the code in Splash1, Create_Tag and Sublist forms. Check for negative genre values. Deletes old mp3boss.log file on installation.

v0.646 - beta release 02/18/08
Empty user_category no longer a problem when creating tags.

v0.645 - beta release 02/17/08
More than a dozen new ID3v2 tag fields are updated when you write the ID3v2 tags (including band & conductor).
Fixed: Minor cosmetic fix for first-time scan (chkFileSize and chkFileDate hidden when Add New Files ONLY is unchecked and increased separation between FileDatecheck and Total Files count. CopyDown changes 'is Edited' status so correctly updates tags). Added a dozen new ID3v1 genres to the list (ID 148-160). Less likely to get a Tag1 Error5 message when creating ID3v1 tags.

v0.644 - beta release 02/16/08
New feature: DateCheck (as well as SizeCheck) option when scanning. Fixes: Create Tag fix for ID3v2 User_Category. Secondary check if OS reported as VISTA. About screen has transparent field background.

v0.643 - beta release 02/14/08
Saving the ID3v2 category tag now correctly saves the user_category (instead of genre).

v0.642 - beta release 02/10/08
If ID3v2 content group is present that isn't one of the standard Genre categories, a new category will be added to User_Category. Genre (ID3v1) will still be shown as "Other". Additional update information check for non-mp3 files (this often provides more complete User_Category information for non-mp3 files). Filling in main-table with trackartist, composer and band (orchestra) from ID3v2. Renamed Orchestra to Band in List View. These were actually 2 separate fields in Main (by mistake). Added Conductor field to List View.

v0.641 - BETA RELEASE 02/02/08
Tries more registry locations (and better use of Paths.ini) when can't find Winamp at specified location. Less likely to fail on initial load (drive no longer exists could cause mp3-boss to keep trying to update the database). Added: If press Enter when editing Paths2Skip -- moves to next (new) record. Splash screen now includes graphics background. Removes 'Startup MP3-Boss' if a reboot is required during installation. Fixed: If selected "Scan/Overwrite" -- the file types to scan table was deleted...which meant no files to scan would be found until you edited the configuration. If set Paths2Skip as empty -- was deleting the wrong record.

v0.640 - beta release 01/10/08
Fixed call to Update.mde (removed NULL).

v0.639 - beta release 01/05/08
Eliminates the need for multiple scans on large collections! Instead of having to scan 5K - 10K files at a time, this new release will allow scanning at least 150K files at one time. In addition, the collection is no longer a temporary object -- so you can stop (and even exit Mp3-Boss or reboot the computer), and then restart scans from where you left off. This...coupled with intelligent MusicIP means that you'll be able to get your database populated faster than ever before! Improved installer will tell you if you need to perform full install (instead of update install only) to get full VISTA compatibility. Shows Popularimeter rating and email IDV32 tag in detail view. Will support up to 255 separate Popularimeter ratings. List View Hotkeys for Find (Alt-N) and Detail (Alt-I). Also changed those fonts to MS Sans Serif 8 (from Small Fonts 7). %Rated0 statistic added -- how many rated out of ALL songs. Improved: Change MusicIP cache to database (instead of text file) -- so no slow-down with huge database FIXED: AutoRename -- Custom type correctly clears template when creating new template. If missing FileCRC for a record, the information will be corrected when running duplicate check (instead of causing NULL error when running duplicate check). If Lyrics was CRLF (or started with CRLF) -- earlier versions would give a scanning error. Changed ID3_TMED to 255 chars max (sometimes caused scan error). Artist name that included both single & double quotes (e.g., My"Art'st) would cause an error during scanning. ID3 tag information was sometimes used to populate the database for files without ID3 tags (e.g., WAV). Updated MusicIP genPUID from v1.0 to v1.2 Eliminate a possible problem with database references being temporary -- it is possible that this is the cause of the sporadic reports of problems with v0.638. While I've never seen the problem, it is possible that VISTA and dual-core might be resulting in a temporary pointer for a database object. "Break on All Errors" explicitly set to False --> hopefully this will fix some of the scan-stopped-on-error problems.

v0.638 - beta release 10/29/07
Added "SmartPUID" -- scan your files without tag information LAST -- really speeds up your first big scans, since a PUID scan can usually require 30s. Fixes: Under certain conditions, ID3v2 user-comments and user-URL (WXXX) were twice as long as they should be (e.g., ABCD was shown as ABCDABCD). Fixed some incorrectly labeled PUID results (identified as good-PUID scan, but no PUID value). Mainly a problem with short WAV files. Immediate (instead of next-load) update of "Files to scan per loop". Default to 500 playlist delay if Winamp v5.3x (v5.5x takes care of the problem).

v0.637 - release 09/02/07
Minor fixes to datalink.mdb check, plus better temporary filename generation (plus auto-deletes old temporary files at startup).

v0.636 - Internal release 09/02/07

v0.635 - beta release 09/01/07
Additional fix for MD5 file calculation (no longer calculate shortfilename). Rename datalink.mdb when update required.

v0.634 - beta release 09/01/07
Fixed error handling/reporting that could occur with MD5 file calculation (MD5FileChunk).

v0.633 - beta release 08/28/07
This release is mainly to add the new VISTA install routines to the Update installation -- now checks to make sure you install into the same directory as the original installation (since new installer defaults to c:\program files\opal network\mp3boss instead of c:\program files\mp3boss). Added startup check for Datalink.mdb (backup for data.mdb), and can auto-download/install a new copy when needed. Also added hourglass when downloading updated files.

v0.632 - release 08/19/07
New installer is fully-compatible with VISTA. MP3-Boss will install to the new VISTA directory structure when run under VISTA. Now completely compatible with Access2007 in addition to Access97, Access2K, Access2003. Force a refresh of the scan screen when starting to analyze a file -- in some cases, the scan might show the previous file or directory instead of the file that caused the problem. Scan directories sometimes wouldn't be stored/recalled correctly. Tooltips not shown for List View on some (fast) computers -- since the code to show the tooltips might be running before the screen has been painted. Please let me know if anyone sees this for other forms. New release-candidate version of commercial OCX I use fixes a memory leak problem. Increased the size of a few ID3v2 field lengths (new installs only -- update will require a new 1.10 database version). Added hourglass when downloading PUID files. Splash screen OS info is updated faster.

v0.631 - release 07/28/07
Bugfix release. Configuration dialog no longer comes up every time you start a scan. Typing the information into "Directory to scan..." (instead of Browse...) works properly (and checkbox enabled). Improved formatting of numbers during scan. Default scan on installation will only scan mp3 files (instead of all filetypes).

v0.630 - release 07/11/07
Add version information to the DLL/OCX references (Configuration/Statistics/Check References). No longer get "too fast" timeout when loading Winamp on a dual-processor CPU. Now supports up to 9,999,999 files in a scan (previously was 99,999 files). Added error check in Artist Cleanup when loading List View (status bar conflict). Handles multiple instances of pipe/vertical bar (|) in artist name -- | is a reserved character in the Jet database engine.

v0.6202 - release 05/25/07
New official release that incorporates all the changes from v0.617, v0.618 and v0.619. Minor additional changes -- support for creating playlist with unicode filenames, bugfix for the "File Error" and ">10K Files" buttons on the scanning page, and bugfix for selecting Filetypes on Configuration page.

v0.619 - BETA release 05/20/07
Added checkboxes to ListView and Detail view to show filenames in unicode format, and also to show filenames that Windows considers invalid (even though they are valid in DOS). Added "Select ALL", "Clear ALL" checkboxes in configuration to make it easier to select filetypes to scan. Scanning fixes - better support for unicode filenams & Windows-invalid filenames. Scanning now does a better job of listing files that were skipped (adds a "Valid" checkbox in the Skip table -- to indicate files that are really only too short). Scanning will skip the "Is this the first time this CD has been scanned..." question if the volume table started out empty (GetVolID). Fixed CopyDown (broken because of all the new fields that were just added). Improved horse cursor animation response (now changes to hourglass when over buttons). Minor scanning improvements. Changed defaults - horse cursor, form background picture ON by default.

I plan to leave this for the beta testers for a few days...and then make this the official release. Please let me know if you find any problems immediately! THANKS!

v0.618 - BETA release 05/13/07
Lots of new features & fixes!
Splash screen will show background picture, Playlist load will show "Skip" dialog even for drives/directories that don't exist (like before!), Registration code entry will stick better across re-install, miscellaneous minor improvements, mp4 year stored as 1/1/1904 will now be shown as blank (no year), Scan Some will now correctly process multiple segments (e.g, 50K songs, 10K at a time), horse animated cursor improvements, Find Winamp improvements, Playlist delay can be specified -- this improves the performance of Winamp 5.33 -- sending files too fast to Winamp 5.33 causes it to crash. Unfortunately, to prevent the problem completely might require a very long delay (several hundred milliseconds!). Only Winamp v5.33 seems to have this problem -- v5.32 is fine. Additional error logging (writing to mp3boss.log) during the splash & switchboard screens. Tooltip delay fixed, Detail view will now have MusicIP logo near PUID info (on Tag tab), Detail view will automatically detect & remove a filter that results in 0 records, AutoMove/Configuration now supports background image, Some Unicode filename support added -- currently, this is done via 8.3 equivalent names. Required data table format will be v1.09. CopyDown routine will monitor the number of attempts made to determine List View column order -- if it exceeds 10, you get an error and the routine will exit. This is probably a development-only issue...but I added the code in case it is ever seen. Invalid files (in addition to 'too short') will now show up in the "Skipped Files" table during scanning. The header for the skipped files form was improved. The end-of-scan message is now: "Completed processing (xx files skipped)." instead of simply "Completed processing." Better way of reading Winamp volume before setting it (should eliminate the on-load too-loud volume problem). New columns in ListView: TrackArtist, ScanDate, Compilation, Composer, Orchestra, MovementName, MovementNumber, VerifiedArtist. ListView checkbox to indicate that filename in Unicode format. Rating and #times played stored in ID3v2 Popularimeter field (email address set from BlatMail configuration).

v0.617 - BETA release 04/27/07
BIGGEST CHANGE is adding 8 new file formats!
  • OggVorbis Audiofiles (OGG)
  • Monkey's Audiofiles (APE)
  • FLAC Audiofiles (FLA/FLAC)
  • WMA Files
  • Musepack Audiofiles / MPEGPLUS (MPP, MPC)
  • AAC Files
  • Shorten (SHN)
  • AIF Files

  • Tag formats (read-only):
  • APE Tags Version 1.0 and 2.0
  • OggVorbis Tags
  • FLAC-Comments
  • WMA Tag
  • MP4/M4A Comments

  • This is added to the following formats that are already supported:
  • MP3-Files (MP1, MP2, MP3)
  • MP4/M4A Files
  • Windows Wavefiles (WAV)

  • Tags formats:
  • ID3 Tags Version 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 (writeable)
  • Lyrics Tags Version 1.00 and 2.00
  • WAV Tags

  • Winamp directly support ALL of these formats (either built-in or with a plugin) -- so I'm playing all these formats through Winamp!

    Other changes:
    20 new user categories, Improvements to Detail View -- including support for new formats, 10x faster copy -- so you can use MP3-Boss to copy to your mp3 player, Much better MusicIP support, More visual feedback during scanning, Longer fields - to eliminate those 'field too short' errors during scanning, Form background change to light-blue instead of green marble (easier to read), HTML codes in artist name are translated to correct text.

    More than 100 new fields ... including:
  • Scan date & time
  • TrackArtist (Guest/Featured Artist)
  • Compilation (checkbox)
  • MD5 checksums -- full & music
  • Conductor
  • Orchestra
  • MovementName
  • MovementNumber
  • VerifiedArtist

  • v0.616 - release 02/20/07
    Mainly a bugfix release -- Playlist would fail if access non-existent file or audio CD (device not ready), ID3v2 tag wasn't being updated when writing tags, clicking play for a song already in the playlist would add the song a second time if the song was located on the same drive as Winamp. Double-clicking a song in the playlist view wouldn't play the song if it was in the Winamp directory. Additional checks for Winamp directory (even if the configuration information is incorrect). Minor fix to date-check when loading Initialization form. Added support for downloading/updating Artistlist & Tooltips tables (with version checking) -- this makes for a much smaller update install.

    v0.615 - release 02/12/07
    Improvements to duplicate checking and Winamp load/play. Can move duplicates to CD/DVD staging area (instead of just deleting). Also supports recycle bin, immediate delete, move to specified Drive/Directory or specified Directory (faster than moving across drives). Improvements include more reliable checking for winamp.exe program location and playlist location (multiple checks, including registry entries), even if the specified location is incorrect. Scan/Browse for folder is now resizable and includes edit_text (Win98 & later). Fast MD5 check after moving files (instead of CRC32 check). Moving files works with files marked read-only, system, hidden. No longer a problem with very long paths (>255chars). Clicking switchboard text always works the same as clicking switchboard button. Additional checks for UNC in addition to drive-maps. Fixes: playlist will now load for non-shared playlist (even when a song was playing). Duplicate check plays song even if winamp not loaded, or incorrect exe location specified. Registration check more reliable.

    v0.614 - release 01/22/07
    Bugfix release -- was reading from incorrect Winamp local applications directory. Added more startup check logging on error.

    v0.613 - release 01/20/07
    Better support for UNC (unmapped remote drives). No longer ignores first click on Switchboard text. Winamp.ini now read from local applications directory when needed (should fix Volume=0 problem). Registered-user startup checking improved.

    v0.612 - release 01/18/07
    Added German tooltips. Added background image to tag editor, statistics, and Move2CD dialogs (dialog.bmp), and animated cursor during scanning (horse.ani). Now supports individual Winamp playlist settings (Winamp not found error). Automatically reset read-only, system/hidden status during tagging. Main form in 800x600 screen is slightly smaller. Utilities screen no longer flickers during record cleanup (images instead of embedded form picture). DUPES.MDB identical to DUPEWORKS.MDB (caused dupe-check problem), and sometimes file delete for filtered recordsets wouldn't work. Set "Reset tag status" to TRUE by default. Player timeout tooltip changed. Error log written to capture 2nd-day registration problem (and minor changes to registration check routine). Minor installer changes (font check). References DAO350.DLL (v3.51) instead of DAO360.DLL.

    v0.611 - release 12/29/06
    Mainly cosmetic changes. Auto-loads FORM.BMP picture (tiled) from mp3boss directory (if found) for all main windows. Tooltips and Artist Fixup window sized better (header removed for 800x600 so fits onscreen). Added AMG weblink button in Artist_Review. Modified form maximize for 800x600 -- and fixed form size for higher screen resolution (with auto-save of last form position). Fixed some screen update issues with switching windows while scanning active (directory scan & form_activate). Review categories after scan is no longer the default (scanning). ListView header font set to Arial 9 for screen resolution higher than 800x600. Scan page now shows all 10 directories all the time (enabling the next directory as appropriate).

    v0.610 - release 12/16/06
    Fixed a couple of minor problems. Unable to locate field "Firstdata" error, which might be interpreted as "database corruption/integrity" problem. Most likely this would be a problem only on the 2nd day of use. If you have a 5.2x version of Winamp, and are playing songs located in the Winamp directory...MP3-Boss couldn't locate the songID.

    v0.609 - release 12/15/06
    Added balloon-type tooltips for the Switchboard, ListView, and ArtistFixup windows. Included some spanish language support with the tooltips for the ListView window. Added canvas.bmp as a blue background for switchboard -- to create your own background, just rename a bmp as canvas.bmp and place it in the mp3boss directory. Added several new utilities -- Winamp playlist repair (automatically fix filepath information for the currently loaded Winamp playlist), beta-test of a advanced multi-select filter with ability to export to a number of different formats (e.g., text, Excel, HTML...), Artist list viewer (view/edit the list of 17K "known good" artists), Tooltip viewer (view/edit the tooltips for files that have the new balloon tooltip support). If you want to edit the ArtistList or Tooltips -- just send me your edited ArtistList.mdb or Tooltips.mdb and I'll include the changes in the next release. New configuration items - new settings to ignore artist-lookup during scan (and now requires 90% match before artist lookup results considered identical), and add support for balloon tooltip foreground & background colors. Fix during scan that would sometimes result in an error#91 (Object variable or With block variable not set), and speeded up directory processing when "Scan Selected Directories" to ensure that ONLY the selected directories are processed. Should no longer hang on "Processing Directory" screen for short directory names like c:\mp3\, and artistname extraction from directory name is more intelligent. Win95/Win98 computers without unicode support need to use the full-install version of MP3-Boss to get unicode support (or separately install UNICOWS.EXE). Fixed AutoBPM problem (was incorrectly saving status on exit - which meant it might not be turned on when clicked).

    v0.608 - beta release 10/27/06
    Duplicate verification scan adds MD5 verification...10-100x faster than a bit-by-bit verification! Added web check button to bring up information about those songs that have PUID information (Detail View). BPM now a toggle instead of a command button to make status easier to see. Fixed a "Browse for AutoBPM location" bug and clear the "Please wait while the AutoBPM program is loaded..." message. ListView will now minimize instead of close if you are running BPM. Registered users: add report.jpg or report.bmp to your mp3boss program directory, and that graphic will be used in place of the yellow mp3 image -- for any of the Main report selections. Scan page now appears at screen center. Report graphics no longer rely on Office graphics filters. Fixed a problem with AutoMove dialog not opening on some installations (uneeded link to comdlg32.ocx). Detail view now has "Full/Sortable" and "Limit to ListView" option buttons instead of a command button to switch between the two modes -- plus the right-click menu sorting options are ONLY shown when "Full/Sortable" is selected. Playlist reports improved -- at least 10x faster. Now support up to 40K song entries in the playlist for reports. For other purposes, playlists are limited to 65K items. Minor improvements to scanning genre & year.

    v0.607 - release 09/24/06
    Added: Duplicates/DataSheet/2-File "Select ALL" and "Clear ALL" for right-click menu to select all Delete1 or Delete2 in a column. Automatically clears filters if no matching records after duplicates are processed. Delete/Skip/Cancel (with 'repeat action') message -- so don't have to click every time a file is marked 'read-only' or 'system'. Process duplicates was showing "file missing" message...and then would exit routine when click OK...if files were missing (dhshortpath now returns "" if file missing). Utilities, ArtistFixup, Scan, and Detail forms were changed to eliminate maximize when called...instead they are shown as dialogs. Detail is shown on-top of other windows to make it easy to see Detail while working on ArtistFixup. Add controltips to the musicIP info -- "blue=local scan, green=remote scan", xx/yy = found xx of yy searches, etc.

    Artist_Fixup Detail always gave the message "A song needs to be selected before clicking detail". Check_Artist improved -- now finds more matches. Deactivate BPM if scanning (shows popup message). Added DoEvents to PUID file read -- so can do stuff while it is reading PUID_INFO.TXT. Additional checks to remove erroneous "Invalid CRC" messages. Correct mp3 icon shown during installation. DoEvents during first-time scan to allow time for Scan page form to show.

    Improved: Changed color to blue if reading PUID_INFO.TXT (green when reading remote). 30-day instead of 60-day evaluation.

    v0.606 - release 09/11/06
    Improved picture handling for embedded pictures. Perform automatic BMP-->GIF conversion for unsupported BMP formats. More fixes to Pic tab of detail view. Check that FiletypeID set correctly when scanning (otherwise no files available to tag), and FileTypeID reset during CheckTag. Scan Page -- Directory selection (again) starts from last-specified directory. Better handle & report drive/file errors during scan (including CRC or device errors). More intelligent artist detection during scan. Artist & Album Filter selector pre-load the scrollbar moves to the end of the list. Added Filename to Pic tab of detail view. Always add PUID fields (instead of only if configured for scanning). Show PUID fields in detail view. ID3v2Picsize is cleared for new files. Additional PicView error messages. Fixed 1899 install date after v0.605 upgrade. Added Artist Fixup table of more than 17 thousand 'known good' artists (from Wikipedia) along with direct clickable links to Wikipedia. This makes it easier to enter the artistname formatted correctly. Configuration checkbox to send all songs to MusicDNS for PUID calculation (but this slows scan down to about 3 songs per minute - but found data is now stored locally for rescan). Update.mde checks for v1.07 instead of v1.08 format.

    To delete things quickly (when huge numbers of duplicates), use Form view, then highlight part of the directory name and right-click "Filter by selection". I use this to very quickly eliminate duplicate directories named things like "Rock01A" where there is an equivalent "Rock01" directory. After "Process Duplicates" just right-click and "Remove Filter/Sort" to show all the files. Fixed problem where removing filter would remove the "Show exact duplicates ONLY" selection.

    v0.605 - beta release 07/17/06
    Cleaned up scanning code. Eliminated possible mp3 corruption during scan (ID3v2 embedded pictures). Additional message when picture format not supported (Detail View). Added MusicDNS lookup (plugin) when no artist information found (selectable in configuration). MusicDNS PUID field stored. Improved Scan toolbar.

    v0.604 - released 07/11/06
    Shutdown Winamp (initialization) -- Always, or only when loaded by MP3-Boss. Added 2nd %Rated statistic -- % out of songs played. Additional AutoBPM support (autoloads, auto-download/extract from website). Add default printer selection in Reports. Configuration setting to turn Auto-Save of embedded pictures On/Off. Playlists now support more than 32K files.

    No longer adds multiple NULL artists (blank-lines at start of Artist Fixup) when deleting artists in Directory_Review. Settings preserved (e.g., Artist/Album) for directory rescan. Eliminates "unable to locate file" error for new versions of Winamp. Fixed "No current record" error during scan. Fixed VBR bitrate=0 error (analyze all frames). MusicCRC written during check_duplicates scan. Adding items in User_Category1 ListView now updates the correct table. List View/New items in User_Category & User_Category1 checked for ID>255. Skip >15K files dialog when possible. Fixed first song/playcount increment problem. ID3v2 genre formatted as "(ID_Num) ID_Text" to support more music players. Picture tab no longer crashes when click before picture loaded. "Unsupported picture format" error dialog moved to systembar. 2006 added to copyright.

    Field length problems (truncated - field lengths to be fixed in v1.08 data format):
    LyricsImageLink -- sometimes this contains 5 or 10 links instead of the single link expected. I've also seen direct links to associated files (with drive/directory information) -- which doesn't transport well! ID3_TYER -- sometimes is "2001 - 2003" or "sometime in the 80's" instead of the single 4-digit year expected. TCOP -- need to increase field_size (to 255 chars) Partially implemented:
    Added Moods table
    Added Parental Guidance table
    Adding support for more song formats

    v0.603 - beta release 09/16/05
    Writes ID3v2 tag (for now, only same fields as ID3v1)
    Scanning mp4, also scans m4p (iTunes).
    %Rated statistic shows % out of songs played and % out of total songs.
    CD scanning improved -- asks if CD might have been previously scanned, and allows you to specify the matching CD.
    If scanning results in no files processed -- message indicates none processed!
    Unable to use CopyDown for User_Rating and Select.
    Overflow during scanning due to Xing header being >Integer chars from start.
    Playcount isn't incremented for first record if song playing isn't in database.
    Delete Lyrics tag sometimes resulted in mp3 file being deleted.
    Overflow error in Loopstr function (was integer instead of variant).
    FindDupes showed 'no current record' error if only 2 records.
    Added "CLR" to select filters -- to clear ALL filters (e.g., even Artist filter).
    Winamp would sometimes bring up .m3u Open box when file not found.
    MailTo menu improved.

    v0.602 - beta release 05/01/05
    Another fix for configuration parameters.
    New code to fix the 'no longer registered' problem.
    Date timeout fix that might help the few reports of too-fast 60-day timeout.

    v0.601 - beta release 04/02/05
    Increased number of SendTo items to 5.
    Add BROWSE for Blat_Location.
    Added splitsize & delivery status notification (DSN) for MailTo.
    Added message/beep if MailTo not successful due to SMTP server errors.
    MailTo tempfile now masks SMTP server password.
    Save support for Blat recipients & settings.
    Fixed scan overflow for APE tag after Lyrics200 tag.
    Fixed problem with configuration parameters -- this may help the 'no longer registered' problem.
    Creating SendTo/MailTo menu items should be more reliable.
    MailTo is always last item in list.
    Added if empty BLAT recipient list.

    v0.600 - beta release 03/28/05
    Increased number of SendTo items to 4.
    Added "MailTo" via BLAT ( -- send selected file via email.
    Separate popup form sets available recipients.
    Bugfix: Form_Activate error in v0.599 if no SendTo menu items were configured.
    Bugfix: 'Loading Playlist...' text wouldn't always change to SongTitle when load complete.

    v0.599 - beta release 03/20/05
    Configuration "SendTo" tab lets you create up to 3 new right-click menu options in ListView to send the selected mp3 file to a music editor, hex editor, alternate player etc.
    Bugfix: Shuffle status wasn't being updated/set correctly for Winamp 5.x
    A number of fixes to Artist Fixup (some of these may have been the cause for sporadic reports of Artist Fixup changes being lost):
    First artist automatically loaded into the song-title table when the form is loaded. Correct row is highlighted after the title is updated.
    Artist/Title/Category correctly updated from the song list table.
    No longer able to select more than 1 title at a time in the song list table.
    KeyUp/KeyDown now correctly moves the scrollbar in the Artist list when multiselect is OFF.

    v0.598 - beta release 03/13/05
    Bugfix: ListView column restore problem due to (HHMMSS field)
    Artist Original_Artist no longer updated by Artist_Fixup (for future use)
    Smartscan ON by default

    v0.597 - beta release 03/09/05
    Artist Fixup lets you change the font & size for entry fields
    Systembar status update to show "Calculating CD/DVD file CRC32".
    Bugfix: If only ID3v2 tag has artist info, that information was being ignored.
    Bugfix: Fixed Lyrics v2 Album info -- was prefixing with album title length.
    Bugfix: Fixed 'invalid procedure'error when scanning invalid format/empty lyrics tags.
    Bugfix: ListView HHMMSS speedup.
    Bugfix: Changed flag update (v0.596) didn't let you paste more than 1 field at a time.
    Hotscan fixes: 1st song in list doesn't start from 0-volume.
    Shuffle status isn't reset to ON at end (if ON originally).

    v0.596 - beta release 03/02/05
    Bugfix: Changed flag is correctly updated when artist, album, title, comment, category, year or track is updated.

    v0.595 - beta release 02/27/05
    Bugfix: First song in list isn't hotscanned correctly (starts the song & immediately switches).
    Bugfix: Hotscan volume goes down twice at the end of each song.
    Bugfix: Song jumps to hotscan start time twice (minor glitch).

    v0.594 - beta release 02/24/05
    Changed Winamp Controls timer to bitmap to eliminate flash -- better or worse?
    Bugfix: If consecutively click play for 2 songs with identical Artist & Title -- wouldn't update the SongID
    Bugfix: Sometimes wouldn't update ID/Songtitle in ListView when song changed
    Bugfix: Report/GetCD automatically brings up Scan page when necessary
    Bugfix: Artist Fixup: Bouncing play button fix and message if song not selected before clicking detail
    Bugfix: Column order saved in UserProfile

    v0.593 - beta release 01/09/05
    Added "Play Song NEXT" in List View (song will play when playing song ends)
    Bugfix: Directory review category was ignored during scan
    Bugfix: Skips adding lyrics if no content

    v0.592 - beta release 12/07/04
    CD/DVD scanning recognizes that multiple drives are equivalent
    Duplicate matching gives popup dialog when complete (and shows # of exact/partial matches).

    v0.591 - beta release 12/04/04
    Fixes a number of CD/DVD scanning bugs:
    CD/DVD scanning fixes to handle changed serialnumber for writeable disks
    CD/DVD drive 'zero-length string' fix
    Fix for 'Out of string space'when scanning invalid ID3v2 tag

    v0.590 - beta release 11/30/04
    Fixes a number of CD/DVD scanning bugs:
    1) Hardcoded temporary file write to D: redirected to temp directory under main mp3-boss directory (this might have caused failures if D:\ was a CD/DVD).
    2) CD/DVD Scanning options were only read at startup, not when clicked in it looked like all of the options behaved identically.
    3) CD/DVD parameters were still being read on a per-directory basis, which would dramatically slow down scanning if there were a large number of directories on a CD/DVD
    4) The warn before scanning option would warn and let you tell it to skip the scan, but not necessarily skip the the scan!
    5) CDFileID now requires a 50% matchcount before the CD is considered identical
    6) Additional checks that make it more likely that a CD/DVD will be identified as 'new' -- and added as new volume in Volumes table.
    7) Ignore SerialNumber CD scan option now really checks for Volume_Label match.
    8) Scan normally option will always add a new CD/DVD volume to volumes table when the serial number has changed (same as v0.57 release version).

    v0.589 - beta release 11/27/04
    CD-Drive Refresh button in Utilities modified to update DeviceID for all CD records in Volumes.

    v0.588 - beta release 11/25/04
    CD-Drive Refresh button in Utilities modified (so can clear/regenerate anytime)
    CD-Scanning minor bugfix
    CD SmartSearch minor bugfix

    v0.587 - beta release 11/18/04
    Add CD-Drive Refresh button in utilities

    v0.586 - beta release 11/14/04
    Bugfix: Utilities form wasn't point to Main table (duplicate scan broken)
    Bugfix: Volume_Label cleared if erased, even if cancelled dialog
    Bugfix: Speedup for CD-ROM diskID scanning
    Bugfix: Track number checked for maximum of 5 characters

    v0.585 - beta release 11/14/04
    Bugfix: Volume Review couldn't add/change comment or delete volume.

    v0.584 - beta release 11/13/04
    Smart CD search -- no longer need to put a CD in a specific CD/DVD drive
    Added support for WAV/WAVE files -- over 30 items scanned and shown on detail tab
    Added Picture tab in detail view -- shows ID3v2 embedded images, and WAV BMP images
    Embedded pictures saved to specified directory
    Scan MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, WAV files (configurable)
    Path/File checkbox added to the Main report
    Specify paths to skip during scanning (configurable)
    One-click removal of ID3v1 tags, ID3v2 tags and Lyrics tags
    Identify open CD/DVD disks (and includes more information about your CD/DVD drive than you'd ever want to know!)
    Filling 8.3 filenames in database during scan
    Media table now in frontend database
    v1.07 Data Update required.
    Showing length in seconds is back to original speed
    If you have problem using mouse to scroll List View -- get Intellipoint v4.12 or FreeWheel to fix the problem
    Bugfix: Delete key works to delete selected record in List View
    Record marked as Edited when field updated in List View

    v0.583 - beta release 08/11/04
    SongLength can be shown as HH:MM or seconds (configurable)
    User_Category1 added to ListView/Ratings -- table can be edited, no longer tied to genre.
    User_Category text can be changed (e.g., for language support).
    New tabbed layout for utilities.
    ArtistName.txt holds artist names that are correctly spelled. (future enhancement)
    AutoBPM fix supports comma as decimal separator.
    Fixed Copydown so won't allow songlength, volume_label change.
    A number of new fields and tables were added (future enhancements) -- v1.06 Data Update required.

    v0.582 - beta release 07/29/04
    Winamp5 volume no longer set to 0 at startup (clicking on volume bar in MP3-Boss List view sets correct volume in earlier releases).
    Directory review in MP3 Scan now includes "Ignore directory"
    Recognizes Winamp5 (earlier releases identified Winamp5 as Winamp2)
    Checks for multiple copies of winamp to make sure that the configured copy is the active copy.
    *BPM Detection Support*
    Works with AutoBPM, tons of features, including:
    Stability detection; Specify minimum number of BPM readings before writes information; Automatically calculates stability from final BPM values total set isn't stable; Write Always, Write if blank, Write Never; Shows running information about BPM, with color to show stability; Works with Hotscan!; Includes "Smart HotScan" that scans longer if BPM isn't stable!; Writes complete data used for calculations to "c:\bpm_info.txt"

    v0.581 - beta release 06/13/04
    Tag Editor: year is stored as part of ID3v1 (and is now identified as being stored)
    File-Delete works in List View
    Artist Fixup modifications are flagged as edited for ID3v1 tagging

    v0.58 - beta release 09/03/03
    Added Winamp3 support (requires Winamp2x plugin manager). Changed Shuffle button so it is easier to tell when it is ON. Check/Update Winamp Shuffle status every few displays correct status if changed from Winamp. Winamp player load time is configurable, and really waits the specified number of seconds.
    Working on multi-file delete from List View. Added Recycle Bin support (configurable).
    Moved2CD: shows #KB deleted, if already in the database, and shows "complete!" when done. If a CD has files that match the name of those in the database, but the file isn't found on the hard drive, then the database is updated to point to the CD. Delete even non-mp3 files if they match up on CD (so can delete empty directories from HD). Empty directories are recursed. Empty directories are removed even on WinXP.
    Added Drive:\Directory\Artist Name - Album Name\ to AutoMove selections. If Album isn't available, then will move to Drive:\Directory\Artist. If Artist isn't available then will move to Drive:\Directory\Album. Minimum count requirements are based on the lower of MinArtist and MinAlbum requirements.
    User_Rating now shown by shadow on checkbox. Red means Song Playing. Blue means whatever the selected record is in List (no song playing).
    MP3_Player table moved from DATA to MPEG database (so will be global instead of specific to a song database). Skip WinMX "__INCOMPLETE" files during scan. Playbook report sorts on title in addition to category, artist, album. Select Filters has an "ALL" button to reset to show ALL. Added "skip short file check" during scan (1 person with Samba network had trouble with this). Select -- CLEAR ALL, SELECT ALL (right-click dropdown menu). Process multiple COMM tags instead of just the first. MusicMatch USLT tags processed. UNICODE in ID3v2 tags is converted to ANSI -- not sure what will happen with byte-swappend unicode (anyone seen some?).

    Bugfixes: Additional checks on filename when renaming. Added additional id3size check (bit7 cleared) on ID3v2 tag components. Clear chr(0) codes in scanned artist, media and album tags. No longer "hangs" on create_tag (screen wasn't updating). COMM in title no longer mis-identified as ID3v2 COMM tag. Additional checks for corrupted ID3v2 tags. Better error message if try to create a duplicate filename for the file being played. M2CD compare file percent complete formatting improved. Detail/Lyrics -- enter key now adds CR to text (instead of tabbing to next field). Duplicates -- DataSheet/1-File refreshes deleted file list. Filter filename_length >=65 now shows = 65 (since CD name won't take those either on some burners). Moved2CD fix for multiple record match. Moved2CD would exit (with an error) if a file being checked was on a non-existent drive. No longer allow Autorename/custom if didn't enter a valid custom code. CrcFileCalc/block no longer loops if try to calc after file-end.

    v0.57 - released 04/23/02
    Added ability to process more than 15000 files during a single scan -- MP3-Boss now automatically breaks up the scanning into blocks of 15K files so that any number of files can be processed at once. Bugfixes: Using CopyDown on a blank artist entry no longer causes a problem (was trying to remove NULL record from artist table). Shuffle button wasn't showing the shuffle status when on WinXP (fix requires Winamp v2.7 or later). Removed ActiveX control from AutoMove/AutoRename dialog -- this should fix the problem with browsing for files that some have been seeing. WinXP was having problems with displaying the filescan progress in the titlebar -- so disabled this feature for WinXP.

    v0.56 - released 03/24/02
    Bugfixes: Made Volume Adjust: Normal more robust ("couldn't open the mixer" error message will hopefully never be seen except in extremely low resource situations). Fixed CopyDown bug and Refresh Drive mapping bug (both introduced in v0.55). Cancel button now works on CRC_Recalc. No longer try to store non-numeric track numbers, or track numbers >99 in an ID3v1 tag. Fixed file scanning problem when ignoring ID3v2 tags.

    v0.55 - released 03/04/02
    Added new filters in List View (popup toolbox). Added additional information to the View Duplicates list, and added 2 new views (including a view that lets you click to play the song in the current record). Added "Select" field in List View -- this will be used to allow non-consecutive record selection in the future (file copy, file delete, playlist creation etc.). It is now possible to ignore a drive (or drives) when remapping drives. Added Genre (ID3v1 tag) and a second User_Category to the List View. Added "Genre Cleanup" to Utilities (update Genre based on user_category setting). Added 14 new ID3v2 fields (URLs, copyright, BPM, many more) -- so the database field update program will run to add these new fields after an upgrade. Added registration date to user statistics screen.

    Added Ignore ID3v2 checkbox to configuration page -- this causes the MP3 scan to COMPLETELY ignore ID3v2 tags (the scanned files will NEVER use ANY ID3v2 tag information -- and the files will always indicate that the ID3v2 tag is absent). This feature is for the special case where you ONLY want to use the ID3v1 information. A future version of MP3-Boss will provide additional flexibility (allowing you to change the tag priority). Most customers should leave the Ignore ID3v2 checkbox unchecked.

    Bugfixes: Fixed a number of MP3 scanning problems that could occur when scanning MP3 files with corrupted ID3v2 tags. Some items in List View were editable (but shouldn't have been editable). Added additional error trapping to List View CopyDown. Better handles a missing MP3 player (it should now be possible to ALWAYS cancel the 'loading mp3 player' dialog). Songs on a CD with the same filepath/filename were updated with the most recent volume information instead of being added as a new record when scanned. Fixed a problem where sometimes a song in List View wasn't located (songs with same drive & path information on 2 different volumes). The size of the main ID3v2 scanning subroutine was reduced. Genre is automatically updated when User_Category is changed (if (a) there is an appropriate Genre for a given User_Category and (b) the Genre is initially blank). Filepath was removing unused paths only when the volume information was invalid -- now all unused paths are removed. AutoMove would fail if it was trying to move a System/Hidden/Read-Only file, now you are asked if you really want to move the file. Configuration page now shows Configuration (instead of Initialization) for the caption. Scrolling the wheel-mouse no longer moves to the next 'record' in the Configuration page. Added some DBCS (double-byte code system) support -- it should now be possible to install MP3-Boss on a computer running a Japanese OS. Registration date shown is now the actual registration date (instead of the installation date). Fixed a problem with registration procedure sometimes failing. ID3v2 icons are now shown correctly on the Detail tab. ID3v2 information on ID3v2b page is now editable.

    v0.51 - released 06/04/01
    Added a new Cleanup Spaces utility -- removes leading/trailing spaces (and double-spaces) in the filename, artist, album, title, and comment. Added additional filters to the Create Tag dialog. Added Drive Volume cleanup to utilities. Added ability to delete drive Volumes from the Drive Volume Review screen. Added some keystrokes that were requested for the List View page: Swap (Alt-S), Play (Alt-P), Filter Go (Alt-G), Add (Alt-A), Rating? (Alt-0), RatingHorrible (Alt-1) through RatingGreat (Alt-5).
    Bugfixes: If artist/album/title is <=5 chars, then don't propercase the Artist, Album, and Title during a scan. Make FileList in AutoMove/AutoRename dialog would sometimes rename files instead of only creating the FileList showing what files were to be renamed. Fixed rare problem when moving lots of files that sometimes caused move table creation to fail. Fixed rare problem of being unable to save List View sortorder. No longer inserting last ID3 track number into next file, when the next file has an ID3 tag but no track number. Fixed capitalization problem with scanned files. No longer remove numbers in ID3 tagged song titles. Fixed a frozencolumns problem (frozencolumns weren't being restored at startup in some instances) and a couple other ListView profile problems. For some files, Create Tag would create an additional ID3v1 tag each time it was clicked. Fixed some additional minor problems with Create Tag. Fixed problem with scanning a directory in which all of the filesizes had changed. No longer able to scan an empty directory. Made Volume Label changing a bit more robust. AutoMove filepath & AutoRename filename perform additional validity checks. List View song length in minutes:seconds is updated for more events (so it should always be properly updated).

    v0.50 - released 05/06/01
    Added AutoMove & AutoRename: automatically move and/or rename your mp3 files using the Artist, Album, Title etc. information available in the database. Tons of customizable features, including selectable or custom rename templates, actions to take if not all the information is available, actions to take if only a few files in a particular category exist and much more. Last-used settings are now stored on the Scan page. Added new "List View" Filter and a close button to the ID3v1 tag editor dialog. Tag Editor allows you to copy from filename & filepath (for easy paste into Artist/Title/Album fields). HotScan playtime is now configurable. Delete key now lets you delete files from playlist, and Enter key starts immediate play. Fixed Scan Overwrite problem (didn't automatically close all windows prior to data compaction). Fixed a problem with Tag filter (filter was never totally turned off). Fixed a track-number bug that would prevent scanning some files if a date was in the filename. Files with ID3v2.4 tags can now be scanned. User category now allows only a single blank record. No longer get an error if you change a configuration item with List View up and then click one of the filters (e.g., hide removeable). Fixed additional MP3 scan problems.

    v0.49 - released 12/04/00
    Comments are now searchable in List View. Added Lowercase/Uppercase/Propercase filename to the List View shortcut menu. Added Play & Enqueue to List View shortcut menu. Saves application size & position on exit. Allows you to set a startup window (e.g., auto-start List View). ID3V2 Comment info is now placed into User_comment.

    Can rename file twice without moving off the record (earlier versions wouldn't be able to locate the file). No longer stops scan when First Line of Lyrics is longer than 255 chars. File with empty ID3v2 TRCK info no longer causes scanning to fail. Long ID3v2 and corrupted/invalid ID3v2 information no longer causes scanning to fail. Filepaths and song information automatically updated in List View after a scan. Got rid of "Couldn't open the mixer" error message when using Alternate volume control. Transparent background for mailbox in Form-About. Clicking MP3-Boss link will jump into already open IE session instead of always opening a new session. Clicking "Scan Selected Directories" when no directories are selected no longer tries to scan the current directory. Use drive Serial Numbers instead of volume labels to identify disks (falling back to volume labels for drives that return 0 for their serial number).

    v0.48 - released 10/22/00
    Clicking Preview Reports toolbar button (List View) caused screen update to turn off. Find_Dupes routine was stopping when the file couldn't be located MP3 scan lets you continue scan when drive volume label is blank. Track number is obtained from the filename if an ID3v1 tag (without embedded track number) is present. The ID3v2 tag size was sometimes calculated incorrectly (this infrequently caused a bitrate miscalculation). Routine to read config.mdb was fixed to make more configuration entries 'stick' between updates. Changed default Volume Update mode to "SetOnly" instead of "Normal" so that those soundcards (e.g. SB Live!) that don't report volume aren't turned to full volume when entering List View. Updated runtime installer.

    v0.47 - released 10/10/00
    Now handles VBR bitrate and length calculations (and marks the record as a VBR file). Correctly imports MP3 information even when ID3v2 tags includes an embedded picture (APIC) or Lyrics (USLT) and shows the APIC/USLT information on the detail form. Handles drive volume labels with an embedded apostrophe and Windows-invalid directory names. Filenames that can't be handled are now written to a table so they can be reviewed & corrected manually.

    New Drive Re-map utility -- will automatically determine which drives have changed (and to what) -- but now also allows you to manually over-ride the settings. Added additional Napster support -- Napster utility lets you mark ("short") or delete incomplete Napster downloads (most useful for v2.0 BETA 5 and earlier -- since newer versions of Napster hold the incomplete files in a separate directory). The record position is set close to the current position when deleting a file (instead of moving to the first record). You can create a backup copy of the main data tables (data.mdb) before overwriting the table (Overwrite scan). Added Record Refresh menu item to Artist Fixup page. Added a 2-column artist/title main report, and Artist/Album/Title CD Inlay report. At least one tagger out there enters "Artist" for artist and "Title" for album (for both ID3v2 and ID3v1 tags -- why, I have no idea!), so I now consider those entries as NULL--and now calculate a new Artist/Title based on the filename if Artist/Title is found. Added ID3 Tag overide for directory settings during MP3 Scan -- so you can either force the artist/album/category or let the ID3 tag determine the artist/album/category (if it exists). Additional scan check for track number at the start of a filename.

    Note: v0.47 uses an Update program to add several new fields to older versions of the database. The update program will automatically rescan all available files to update the VBR and ID3v2 fields. A future version of MP3 Boss will let you scan individual CD's (or any drive/directory) to update the VBR, filesize, bitrate, and audio-rate settings.

    Changes to Lyrics weren't being stored. Help Topics & Index really shown when you press that menu item. Highlight color on labels now 'sticks' immediately -- no longer need to restart program to see the change. Fixed a few cases of incorrect bitrate & audio_rate calculations (when ID3v2 had attached picture). Datasheetfont no longer set if not changed -- hopefully this will remove the problem with changing code pages. Tag Auto-Update would sometimes fail. Fixed CRC re-scan (no longer fails if file doesn't exist, and won't fill in 00000000). CD Inlay report no longer fails if the volume label text is too long to fit in the allowed space). Rewrote all of the file read routines (now using Windows API) so that scanning now works on read-only network drives. Fixed tab order on Artist Fixup page. Added Controltip text to MP3 Scan page. No longer trim leading/trailing spaces from filenames (leading spaces aren't legal -- but seem to work okay for local drives). Automatic database refresh after scanning or artist fixup.

    v0.46 - released 06/04/00
    Now handles Windows-invalid filenames (e.g., "…MyTitle.mp3") by converting to short filename before processing. This is also handled when renaming files, or when adding the files to the Winamp playlist. You must first change to Windows-valid name first before you can move the file. Allows an extra 10s for Winamp to open if Winamp doesn't startup immediately. Path error during duplicates check no longer exits duplicates routine, but instead adds the missing files to a table -- click a button to view a table of the missing files. If you click on song length (seconds) in List View -- now shows length in MM:SS in status bar. Add-New now scans same-named files in the root directory of CD's.

    v0.45 - released 05/06/00
    Added List View Profiles -- you now can set the columns to view, column widths, column order, font, color, ability to edit the page, and more for the List View page. The profiles can be password protected. Fixed saving configuration/registration information (although you won't get the benefit until your next update). Now allow up to 255 chars in Winamp path.

    v0.44 - beta released 04/06/00
    Fixed Report2 & Report3 for CD Report. Added some user help.

    v0.43 - not released
    Fixed date calculation problem (for regional setting).

    v0.42 - beta released 03/27/00
    Added separate reports form (including CD Label inserts, standard report, playbook, and playlists). Fixed Winamp v2.6+ problem with queueing files. Added an extra user statistics screen. Improved a number of the dialogs. Added a few toolbars & buttons to make the screens a bit more consistent. Fixed Detail & Tag Editor so the filters are turned off if the dataset is empty with the filters on. Fixed a number of bugs.

    v0.40 - released 02/21/00
    Added toggle shufflemode button (only tested for Winamp v2.10, v2.50e, v2.60 - let me know if other versions work). Added 'Full List' mode to detail view so that all of the detail fields can be sorted (this brings back the way the detail view worked on early versions). Copydown filepath moved to background operation - no longer any limits on the number of files you can move at once. Added a view to show the files currently being copied. Because copy & move are now table based, you can shut down MP3 Boss and then continue the copy/move the next time MP3 Boss is started. Sped up MP3 Scan when main table is empty.

    v0.39 - not released
    Fixed a problem with the # of days in use calculation that appeared in v0.37. Due to this bug, MP3 Boss would timeout on the second use if the regional date settings used the dd/mm/yyyy format and the day was 1-12. Additional changes to single filepath move - to correctly allow cancel/restart. Fixed SetOnly volume setting so that it won't try to set the volume on the first startup. Changed Access runtime directory to be based on the system %Program_Files% environment variable instead of always being placed under c:\program files\ (per request of a German customer).

    v0.38 - not released
    Added BitRate & AudioRate to main list view (per request). Made filesize read-only in main list view. Perform check for empty hard disk volume label (and allow setting disk volume label). Allow delete (and CRC32 check) if the target file already exists when moving a same-sized file between source & target. Changing a single filepath is now done entirely in the background -- so can change as many at once at desired (will make this modification to Filepath/Copydown in the future). Will change the filepath if file exists at target but not the source -- this makes it easy to change the path for files that have been moved manually (e.g., when creating a CDR). Updated web site info to point to Now copyright 1999-2000. Additional minor bug fixes.

    v0.37 - released 12/16/99
    Minor bug fixes (full installation tables had incorrect version #).

    v0.36 - released 12/14/99
    Minor bug fixes.

    v0.35 - not released
    Category/artist/album wasn't being set on a per-directory basis during a scan. Added new 'Category-Only' and 'None' selections to default directory scans. These selections are now clickable for each directory during the directory review, which makes updating directory category/artist/album much faster. Additional minor fixes.

    v0.34 - not released
    File scanning wasn't scanning subdirectories if a directory attribute, such as read-only, was set (this bug was probably introduced in v0.30 -- earlier versions scanned okay). Playlist report preview would sometimes hang during report generation. Playlist text output would include random blank lines. Playlist update would hang if the List View was closed when the last song was added. Added RTF output mode to Playlist reports. Added hide directory checkbox for playlist reports. Additional minor fixes.

    v0.33 - released 11/28/99
    Minor fixes to tag editor, including immediate jump to highlighted (List) record when click on Create_Tag. Handle Read-Only files when click Delete. Handled !!s files and _*.mp3_ files when no files in that format are present. Additional minor fixes.

    v0.32 - not released
    Added new volume adjust settings. Fixed error if WinAmp entry not in registry giving database corrupted error, and fixed a few additional errors if Winamp not present. Additional minor fixes.

    v0.31 - not released
    Changed detail view so only the records shown in the sublist will be shown. Added Drive Volume to Filter search. New playlist printouts. Added file-copy button. Additional error checking for duplicate checking. Sped up FirstScan and directory_review. Fixed inconsistent HotScan operation. Scan MP? Files instead of just MP3 files (so capture MP2 in addition to MP3). Multi-level paths can now be created. Fix for renaming song on same drive if the song was playing (stop play before rename). Copydown wasn’t updating the database when 'moving' a song from one directory to another on the same drive. LoadingSongs wasn't reset to false if abort load when loading files into playlist. Trapped a few more file/path rename operations. Added new file cleanup -- for Name!!s.mp3 files. Added some simple filters to Create_Tag (ID3v1), and added auto-update for tags. Swap would fail if the file was playing. Additional date and other minor fixes.

    v0.30 - released 11/02/99
    Small changes -- primarily changing a number of dialog captions.

    v0.29 - not released
    Modified Update.mdb to remove 'no current control' error message, and made the application shutdown completely when closed (instead of requiring an extra click). Changed the a few messages to make them clearer.

    v0.28 - not released
    Improved install routine to provide automatic update of MP3 data (instead of having to restore the old data manually after installation). A backup copy of the configuration information is created so it shouldn't be necessary to re-enter the configuration information. Y2K fix for date storage. Removed some debug code and made a few dialogs a little clearer.

    v0.27 - not released
    Additional fixes to HotScan (now I'm pretty sure Shuffle Play is turned OFF before beginning a hotscan), and better support for both Winamp v2.50, and for high-resolution screen modes (>800x600).

    v0.26 - not released
    Added StartPlay and EndPlay to MP3 detail view. This provides a method of skipping the beginning and/or end of a song -- although currently these values are only used in the Immediate Play and HotScan modes. HotScan mode has been added -- this will perform a 10s scan of all of the songs in the playlist, with the each song starting at either 1minute or at the StartPlay time. This mode is quite useful when you are trying to categorize your songs.

    A simple report (Artist, Title, Hard-drive/CD Volume name) was added back -- somehow it was removed from the menu a couple of versions ago. What additional reports are required?

    Fixed a couple of errors in duplicates delete so it is now possible to delete files that are marked read-only, system, or hidden. Also, the compare should no longer try to fail when trying to read a missing CD. The duplicates table, and duplicate scan estimates have been cleaned up a bit. Slowed down the BlockFileCopy and CRCFile routines a bit more to try to prevent skipping during the file-move and CRC32 calculations, even over a slow network.

    v0.25 - released 10/17/99
    Further fixes to loading playlist -- now storing selected row variables so doesn't respond to accidental changes. It might be possible in the future to use the play immediate buttons (and double-click in the list) to immediately play any song already in the playlist). Delete button wasn't deleting the file if the song was playing.

    v0.24 - (not released)
    Added: Volume Label, playcount, and last playtime to mainlist. Fixed CLR playlist so it doesn't clear the song that is playing -- to get around the problem of a song playing when there isn't a playlist. Started work on CD caching. Main scan: songtitle now set to filename instead of 'Unknown' if no better case found. 2nd-level ID3v2 info wasn't being saved (a problem from about v0.15 and later). Lyrics and ID3v2 button pictures on the MP3 Detail form weren't being updated. Trying out a new method of loading songs into the playlist - this lets you perform filters while loading the list. Fixed a v0.22 change that caused ID3v2 problems with 2 tag types. Further fixes to ID3v2 scan to fix file scan problems caused by invalid ID3v2 tags.

    v0.23 - released 10/8/99
    Automatically show the list view after a first-time scan. File-scan estimated time to completion calculation fixed.

    v0.22 - (not released)
    Minor modifications to the file scan routines to better capture the ID3v2 tags.

    v0.21 - (not released)
    Add 10 stored filters for sublist. Fixed a file scanning problem (ID3v2 code with composer was causing an error). After cancelling 'Add to playlist', the software no longer thinks that songs are being loaded. Playlist slightly improved: the number of songs is now shown, and the song that is playing is highlighted when the playlist is brought up. Also, you can no longer delete songs at the same time that songs are being loaded into the playlist. Additional minor fixes (mainly on-screen messages or dialogs).

    v0.20 - released 10/2/99
    Minor fixes.

    v0.19 - (not released)
    If editing the record at the same time as moving a file, got a file lock error. Fixed a bug associated with adding the full filepath check for a song (v0.18) -- the song was no longer identified if it didn't exist in the filtered recordset. This bug could also result in lost resources, because a recordset was left open during the exit. Changed 'Add to Play' button so it doesn't care if Winamp is playing or not -- will always ask if you want to overwrite when adding > 1 files. Got rid of horizontal scroll bar on sublist page (somehow the page had gotten wider). Auto-format of track (changing and entered "1" to "01") was fixed (could cause a record lock error). Added shortcut menu ("macro not found error when bringing up playlist) and a Delete function (callable from the right-click shortcut menu) to the Playlist. Moved the "Add to Play" button closer to the other playlist items, and renamed the button "Add" so it wouldn't be confused with the immediate play button.

    v0.18 - released 9/29/99
    Changing the filepath wasn't updating the database volume ID, which meant that subsequent scans would scan the song again. Some ID3v2 tags caused a problem during scanning (unknown mediatype). The currently playing song is now identified by the full filepath and filename (instead of just by the filename). Identifying the song by filename alone caused a problem if multiple songs had the same filename. If the configuration step was skipped, the background color for titles on some pages might be black.

    v0.17 - released 9/17/99
    File rename wasn't working if song was playing. Made sure that file is really renamed before updating database. An errorbox sometimes appeared when renaming path (mainlist/sublist), which meant the moved file wasn't deleted after the move. Added 1st stab at Winamp playlist -- just shows the list of filenames, and lets you click on a song to start playing it immediately. Song-scan changed so that it won't keep auto-filling in Artist/Album information if that directory was already cleared during a prior scan. Fixed a problem with leaving a recordset open at the completion of a routine.

    Fixed startup problems -- switchboard would come up over the auto-scan page, and the scan wouldn't automatically start. Also, now you are always reminded to scan the files, if no files in the list. 1st entry in the the review_directories list is refreshed on load.

    Changed directory detection (list view) so it recognizes an empty directory as already existing. Delete artist if no records reference the artist after Copydown. Fixed FilePath copy routine (in SubList and MainList) -- so can play WinAmp without skips (copy in smaller blocks -- it takes longer, but less skipping). Also, allows Fill-Down change of filepath, and prevents a number of possible recursion errors.

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